Parthenium weed found in the Upper Hunter

On Friday 24 April 2020, UHWA  staff discovered an infestation of Parthenium weed in the Muswellbrook Shire Council area.  

It is suspected that machinery is the probable pathway for this weed as earthmoving equipment has been used recently in the area.

Unrelated Parthenium weed infestations have also be found in the Blandford area.  Parthenium weed in this area was first reported to the Authority by a Blandford landholder on 4 May 2020. This led to the discovery of infestations on 10 properties in the area. These infestations have been linked to contaminated forage sorghum hay sourced from Queensland during the recent drought. 

Parthenium weed is identified as a significant biosecurity risk in NSW and is listed as Prohibited Matter in Schedule 2 of the Biosecurity Act 2015. As prohibited matter landholders have an obligation under this Act to report any suspected infestations to the Authority. 

Parthenium weed invades pastures and crops and has been linked to severe human health issues including respiratory problem and severe dermatitis.

Over the last 18 months here have been a number of infestations have been found across NSW with some of them linked unprocessed chicken stock feeds sourced from Queensland.

The Authority is asking landholders to check any stock feed sites or where earthworks have recently been undertaken for this or for the presence of any other strange plant.

If you suspect that you have an infestation of this or any other plant you are not sure of please contact the Authority.

This link contains some identification and other information on Parthenium weed.

Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority

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